Writing activities number the stars

The Hero in Me Worksheet Directions: Ask each student to think of a time when she could have stood up for someone else, helped someone else, or maybe even rescued another person or animal. Students then fill in the worksheet using this scenario. All stories should be anonymous.

Writing activities number the stars

Grades Art Activities Tell students that they will be making a Star of David, just like the star that Ellen had on her necklace. Provide students with various art supplies, including popsicle sticks, yarn, pipe cleaners, construction paper, and markers to create their Star of David.

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Encourage them to personalize their stars; for example, a student might write a different word on each leg of the star. You might want to help them research the meaning behind the Star of David also called the Shield of David. Alternatively, you can have students make their own symbol.

Point out that the Star of David and the swastika are two vivid symbols in the novel, and encourage students to create a symbol of their own. Have them present their symbols to the class and explain what each part of the symbol represents. Writing Activities As a class, brainstorm a list of other people who have stood up against injustice.

Writing Activities

Have students use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast that person with Annemarie. Then have them write a short paragraph discussing how the two figures are similar and different.

You can also have students interview someone who lived through World War II. The person may have been in Europe, the United States, or elsewhere, but should have had some connection with the war. Research Activities Give students some blank maps and some atlases.

Have them use the atlases and the book to add details to their blank map about places and events mentioned in the novel. This activity works well in small groups. Help students do a short research report on the resistance of a specific country during World War II. Have them present their research to the class.

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Introducing Vocabulary. Write occupation and resistance side by side on the chalkboard, overhead, or chart paper.

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Students may know the common use of the word occupation; tell them the word has a different meaning in Number the Stars. Guide students in identifying the roots occupy and resist. Starting an essay on Lois Lowry's Number the Stars?

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writing activities number the stars

This close reading lesson will take students on a journey through a brief historical fiction account of the Holocaust, Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. In the targeted passage the students will determine if and how the setting changes. Number the Stars by Lois Lowry takes place in Denmark during World War II and the Holocaust.

The story begins with an introduction to the cruelty of German soldiers who are occupying Denmark, the story's heroine, Annemarie, her younger (and more bratty), and her best friend Ellen Rosen/5(K). The student writes the number in words, writes it in expanded form, determines if it is even or odd, adds and subtracts one, two, ten, etc., draws it in coins, draws it in everyday objects, writes it in Roman numerals, puts it on a number line, etc.

Fun Activities for Teaching Number the Stars