The strength and weakness of education in the colonial era

The paper will be discussed in the light of what is known about indigenous African education. However, to discuss this topic thoroughly, a comparative approach in this discussion will be sustained in relation to the education brought by the missionaries or modern education today.

The strength and weakness of education in the colonial era

I will send you an account of my Trinidad visit within the next few days. This letter deals only with British Guiana.

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During my week in the Colony, I was able to do a certain amount of travelling I visited the Torani Canal and the Corentyne drainage and irrigation project ; and I had lengthy discussions with Savage, the principal officials, the State Council, the Ministers and various leading citizens.

I do not suppose that I can add much to the information about the local situation already in your possession, but you may like to know what general impressions I formed from my various talks.

The situation is unquestionably most disquieting; indeed, by the time you receive this letter a crisis may already have been precipitated by the general strike in the sugar industry which the P.

As things were at the time of my visit, I formed the opinion that the senior officials are completely disheartened and pessimistic; that the public service is approaching demoralisation; that the business and commercial community are embittered and frightened; and that there is grave anxiety among responsible and fair-minded people like the Anglican Archbishop.

I was told that all private investment has ceased; there is, for instance, unemployment in the building industry because virtually all private building has stopped. As you no doubt know, a run has started on the Government Savings Bank.

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How has this situation arisen? At any rate the P. It was to be expected that their initial months of office would, in these circumstances, be a period of confusion and dislocation.

I think that most of the leading officials and unofficials though not all were genuinely prepared to help the Ministers to fulfil their new responsibilities. Four months later, I was unable to find anyone, apart perhaps from Savage himself, who now believes that the P.

No one, of course, has anything to judge by except the speeches and isolated actions of individual Ministers; they have not so far disclosed their long-term policy at all in relation, for instance, to a future development programme or the coming budget.

In the meantime, however, the general behaviour of Ministers sufficiently explains the growing state of demoralisation I have described.

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I gained the impression that, whatever their longer-term objectives, the Ministers are united in an immediate determination to extend the power of the P. By the creation and multiplication of cells, they are ceaselessly extending and elaborating the party organisation, in even the remotest part of the country.

The strength and weakness of education in the colonial era

They are working to secure a monopoly of representation for the trade unions they control. They are wooing the political support of the lower-paid public servants by encouraging them to be disloyal to their seniors.

There are already signs that they plan to abolish the dual control of the schools; many of the teachers are P. They are building up their own Youth Movement, and are openly hostile to such competing organisations as the Y.

The strength and weakness of education in the colonial era

It is natural to seek the source of the inspiration behind so effective a political movement, and I suspect that it is supplied by Janet Jagan. Whether or not she is a member of the Communist Party, she is thoroughly trained in Communist tactics and is, in addition, an exceptionable able, ruthless and energetic woman.

I understand that she is not now on particularly good terms with her husband, and that her principal ally in the ministerial group is Sydney King, whom everyone agrees to be the most extreme, intractable and offensive of all the Ministers.

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It is at present no more than a matter for speculation how far the Ministers are united in either their long-term objectives or their short-term tactics. So far they have managed to maintain a monolithic unity; party discipline is strict and Ministers have formed themselves into an unofficial Council which decides ahead what policy to adopt on all matters coming before the Executive Council.2.

findings a critical summary of the character of religious education teaching during the colonial era and after independence colonial era (). CULTURE AND EDUCATION IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF AFRICA By ISAAC N MAZONDE Post-colonial education has contiuned the links with the west.

The Strength And Weakness Of Education In The Colonial Era Strength and Weaknesses Michael Bartlett Gen/ 8/8/ James Bailey Strength and Weaknesses Every individual has personal strengths and weaknesses that show his or her life in a positive or negative way. The onset of the colonial period in the 19th century marked the beginning of the end for traditional African education. European forces, missionaries, and colonists all came ready and willing to change existing traditions to meet their own needs and ambitions (Walter, ). Nov 27,  · INDIGENOUS AFRICAN EDUCATION Posted on October 30, by sitwe INDIGENOUS AFRICAN EDUCATION The principle aim of this paper is discuss the assertion that “African children in pre-colonial period learnt what they lived”. The paper will be discussed in the light of what is known about indigenous African education.

The post colonial colonial to the post-colonial period. Due to paucity of more current or up to-date literature, the post colonial period will be considered only up to the mid s. Colonial military and legal institutions refer to the armed forces that operated during the colonial era in Africa.

These institutions were much concerned with the maintenance of law, order and the security of the colonial . the documents. may - september 1. internal colonial office memorandum on availability of forces to prevent disturbances in british guiana. Colonial education in this country was therefore not transmitting the values and knowledge of Tanzanian society from one generation to the next; it was a deliberate attempt to change those values and to replace traditional knowledge by the knowledge from a different society.

To understand the dynamism of the Meiji years, one must begin with the factors in the Tokugawa era (–) that made Japan a unique and sophisticated nation.