The different ways in which we can improve our culture and promote peace

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The different ways in which we can improve our culture and promote peace

Recognizing Cultural Differences When you travel abroad extensively as I have fortunately been able to do in my career, you begin to realize that every country has its own special character, culture and subtleties that can only be noticed when you squint really hard.

Even countries close in proximity will have unique characteristics beyond just the colors of their flags. Moreover, there can be cultural differences even within a single nation. And how many of us realize that there is a predominantly Muslim province in China Xinjiang, in the far west?

From my experience, the MOST common reason employees resign from a company is because They are unhappy with their direct supervisor as a boss. They are unhappy with the overall organization, its direction and its leadership. They want career advancement and feel they have to go elsewhere to find it.

They are looking for better compensation, benefits and pay. Other When Culture Mixes at Work When such subtleties and unique flavors of culture mix in the workplace, they can often be overlooked, misunderstood or all around, ignored.

I once worked in an office that had employees. Among those employees, nearly of them were born and raised in other countries.

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Further, nearly 50 nationalities were represented by the employees in that office. Today, diversity has become such an important workplace topic that it been given its own acronym.

I had no idea what my friend in Human Resources was talking about until I finally asked 15 minutes into the conversation. How can they do that if his or her team cannot overcome their individual differences?


Further, managers need to find ways to maximize the strengths of the individuals and protect against weaknesses. Understanding the cultural values and differences between employees is a great start in making this happen.

Related posts Employees at a company I visited put pins on a map to show where they were from. Recognizing Cultural Differences But when you travel abroad extensively as I have fortunately been able to do in my career, you begin to realize that every country has its own special character, culture and subtleties that can only be noticed when you squint really hard.
5 Strategies for Promoting Diversity in the Workplace Hult Blog It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom.
A culture calendar. But one thing we sometimes forget to plan for is peace education.
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With that, here are 5 ways you can promote cultural awareness in your office today: Ask Employees About Home So simple, yet so infrequent. As a manager, spending a few minutes asking your employees about their culture goes a long way towards increasing your awareness of their heritage, as well as promoting employee engagement.

For instance, I once had an employee from Algeria who was devout in his religious beliefs. Knowing this, I actually asked him privately if he would be uncomfortable if there were alcohol present at an upcoming team dinner.

The different ways in which we can improve our culture and promote peace

He was taken back, appreciative I had asked, and responded with some of his personal boundaries pertaining to alcohol. If an employee is heating up his or her lunch in the cafeteria, ask about the food of their home country. If they are taking a day off to celebrate a holiday with their family, inquire about the meaning of the occasion.

Find opportunities and be curious. But you can still get an old school map if you look hard enough. Get a world map and post it in a common or public area — the cafeteria, a conference room, or some other area where people assemble. Have them stick the pin on the map to show where they are from. Not only is this a great way to welcome a new worker, but they may find someone from their home country on the map and forge an instant bond.

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Peace education can vary by age; older children will naturally be able to get into the history of peace and conflict by studying different countries and cultures. They can participate at a higher level by researching and writing about peace and peace education. Our mission is to be an energy company committed to a sustainable world with a forward-looking vision based on innovation, efficiency, and respect, and on creating value to promote progress in society. Biodiversity is not evenly distributed, rather it varies greatly across the globe as well as within regions. Among other factors, the diversity of all living things depends on temperature, precipitation, altitude, soils, geography and the presence of other study of the spatial distribution of organisms, species and ecosystems, is the science of biogeography.

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I hear a lot of talk, these days, about how important it is for organizations to establish a sustainable culture of innovation.

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The different ways in which we can improve our culture and promote peace

As a result, we don’t think much about the cultural information expressed in many of the things we do or the fact that the vast majority of our behavior is shaped by our cultural surroundings.

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