Mat 207 week nine

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Mat 207 week nine

Content includes classification, properties and states of matter; measurements; atomic structure and bonding; properties of gases; chemical reactions and stoichiometry. Similar to CHMbut more in-depth coverage of fewer topics.

COL is recommended. Content includes classification, properties and states of matter; atomic structure and bonding; reactions of some inorganic compounds; a survey of functional groups, structure and properties of organic and biochemical compounds.

Intendedfor students preparing for nursing and certain other health career programs.

Mat 207 week nine

Content includes the periodic table of elements, atomic structure, basic concepts of quantum theory, stoichiometry of compounds and reactions, thermochemistry,molecular structure, bonding, intermolecular interactions, the gaseous state, and solutions.

Weekly hands-on lab activities. Content includes kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acid-base theory and equilibria, solubility equilibria, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, nuclear chemistry, coordination compounds, and an introduction to organic and biochemistry.

Content includes an introduction and overview of the structure, nomenclature, properties, preparation, and reactions of the main organic functional groups; introduces biochemistry, including categories of bio-molecules and pharmaceuticals.

Two weekly hands-on lab sessions. Intended for those whose curriculum requires only one semester of organic chemistry.

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Content presents theories, structures, and reactions of organic chemistry, including the properties of various functional groups; bonding and structure of organicmolecules; properties and reactions of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons and alkyl halides; stereochemistry; spectroscopy, including infrared and nuclear magnetic resonance; reaction intermediates and mechanisms such as nucleophilicsubstitutions and electrophilic additions; and multi-step organic synthesis.

Weekly hands-on lab activities including preparations, separations, and identifications of organic compounds. Identical to CHM except that CHM includes one three-hour laboratory per week, rather than two three-hour laboratory periods perweek.

CHM with a minimum grade of C or consent of instructor. Content includes study of structure, nomenclature, properties and reactions of alcohols and phenols, aldehydes and ketones, carboxylic acids and their derivatives, amines, condensation reactions, polymers, and biomolecules. Weekly hands-on laboratory activities including preparations, separations, and identifications of organic compounds.

It is identical to CHM except that CHM includes one three-hour lab per week, rather than the two three-hour labs per week.

Identical to CHM except that CHM includes twothree-hour labs per week, rather than one threehour lab per week. CHM with minimum grade of C, or consent of instructor. Identical to CHM except that CHM includes two three-hour labs per week, rather than one three-hour lab per week.

Content includes structures of amino acids, nucleotides, lipids, and sugars; corresponding macromolecular structures, i. Team-taught by faculty from several disciplines.

Content includes active participation in a research experience that involves performing experiments, collecting data, analyzing results; interacting with other students and professors in their research; reading and critiquing researcharticles in the same research area and presenting at the end of the semester.

Course can be repeated once for credit. Special topics offered for variable credit from one to four semester credit hours. Students may repeat CHM up to three times on different topics for a maximum of nine semester credithours. Prerequisite may vary by topic.Product Description MKT WK 6 Quiz 5 Chapter 8 & 9.

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