Interco case

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Interco case

The Ox Locker is a cable driven locking differential that uses a single air-craft quality cable to engage the locker.

Interco case

When the OX Locker is not activated, the differential operates as an open differential, providing the smooth, predictable handling characteristics for daily driving. This gives more flexibility and control in situations offroad.

The OX Trax Locker is a simple, well designed unit that uses a four pin design differential which evenly distributes drivetrain stress. The lockers are made of forged and heat treated steel and use a four spider gear design on all OX Lockers. The forged Steel Ramped Differential Cover is strong enough to take the abuse of offroad without worrying about damage.

A "Back Cut" gear tooth design is used for locking ring and the locking gear. The cable is made from aerospace quality cabling. The OX Locker is a cable actuated locking differential.

From inside the cab of the vehicle, a lever is used to engage or disengage the locking mechanism. This in turn slides a collar over one of the side gears. In the locked position the side gear is locked to the differential housing.

Disengaging the OX Locker differential is as simple as sliding the cab mounted lever again, which releases the side gear. Now the OX Locker differential is in a fully open carrier position.

The OX Locker is a solid, simple cable activated concept with no air hoses or compressors to install, break or leak. Internally there are no air pumps. With installation there is no electrical wiring harnesses or switches to install. Manufacturers description of the OX Locker: High-Tech aerospace engineering with no castings or stamped steel components.

The OX uses a single air-craft quality cable to engage from an open differential to a fully locked unit with a shift of a lever. Super high quality material built for a maximum durability.

Less is more, no air lines to leak, no wires to short out. It takes no electricity, no air, and no hassles!

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The best part is that it locks and unlocks for your driving needs. Unlock for highway driving and tight turns off road. Lock for tough terrain and rock crawling.

Shifter components are machined from solid steel and aluminum. No drilling needed on axle housing. Cable is rated forcycles. Comes with drain plug for easy oil draining. Engage and disengage at any speed.

One year limited warranty through OX Brands.

Trail Worthy Fab Two Speed Hero Case

Available for the Dana 30, 35, 44, 60 and AMC 20 axles. Built to withstand the rigors of offroad. Maintains a stable platform for proper shift fork action. Machined frontal ramp deflects rocks and minimizes damage. No need for extra differential skid plates. Sure Shifting Engagement Locker engagement is provided by using our super durable manual shifter assembly.

Built using billet machined aluminum and steel components. Easy and sure shift action leaves no doubt when you are locked up. This will feed through our custom designed aerospace quality cable assembly.ANNUAL FALL CONSIGNMENT AUCTION.

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OX Locker - Lockers, Limited Slips, Differentials Explained

Specialising in cars and trucks. It is located in Brockville Ontario and services Eastern Ontario. ATI-INTERCO respect the european directive REACH. The status of our companies with respect to the directive is the following: non manufacturers of "substances", non manufacturers of "preparations", “downstream users” and "producers of articles".

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