Great quarterbacks of the national football league in 1983

Early years[ edit ] In the earliest days of professional football, the season typically ended near the end of November marquee games were often played on Thanksgiving or in the first week of December, depending on the team; exhibition games would then be held in the winter. If that Sunday fell on Christmas Day December 25, the league preferred to move it to the following day, Monday, December 26; this rescheduling occurred for both the and the championship games. The American Football League compensated differently:

Great quarterbacks of the national football league in 1983

Tom Brady-Peyton Manning rivalry The Broncos lead 30—23 as of the end of the season, including a 4—1 playoff record against New England. In recent history, the Broncos and Patriots met in the postseason twice in three years, in both the and AFC Championship Games.

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February Further information: The nature of this rivalry is somewhat ironic because while the Colts and Patriots were AFC East division rivals from — dating back to the Colts' time in Baltimoretheir intensified enmity wasn't prevalent until Indianapolis was moved into the newly formed AFC South following the season as part of the NFL's realignment.

From the first game of the rivalry's renewal a 38—34 Patriots victory highlighted by a last-second goalline stand the rivalry has been bitterly close: The other AFC East teams were only able to play the Colts when the East and South divisions were scheduled to play a full interlocking schedule.

Tom Brady received his first start against the Colts after an injury to then-starter Drew Bledsoeand proceeded to defeat the Colts in his first six games against them in the next years, including the AFC Championship game and a AFC Divisional playoff game.

The Patriots' quest for a perfect season included a comeback 24—20 victory in their final visit to the RCA Dome. The Colts won the next two; in their Super Bowl season they won 35—34 following a 4th and 2 call by Bill Belichick.

The matchup was Indy's first trip to Gillette Stadium since ; a last-minute Manning interception ended a 31—28 Patriots win. Inthe Patriots beat the Colts without Manning playing, 31— Inthe Patriots rudely welcomed Colts rookie quarterback Andrew Luck to the rivalry, returning two interceptions thrown by the first pick of the NFL Draft for touchdowns en route to a 59—24 blowout.

The result was the same for the two teams in the AFC Divisional playoff game as New England cruised to a 43—22 victory. On November 16,at Lucas Oil Stadiumthe New England defeated Indianapolis behind yards rushing from Jonas Graywho also set a Patriots franchise record with four rushing touchdowns in the game.

Great quarterbacks of the national football league in 1983

Dubbed Deflategatethe intense media scrutiny that followed blew up for a number of reasons, including the two-week lead up to Super Bowl XLIX and the "Spygate" scandal of The ensuing investigation, including the Wells Report, went on to state that quarterback Tom Brady, "more probably than not, was at least generally aware" of using under inflated footballs in the game.

Brady was also cited for being less than cooperative with the investigation. The Patriots were fined 1 million dollars, and docked their 1st round and 4th round draft picks.

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Brady was given a 4-game suspension for the NFL season; the suspension was overturned for the season by Judge Richard Berman and Brady played the entirety of the season, including Week Six's match against the Colts.

Brady served his suspension during the first four games of the season, after failing to appeal his suspension when it was reinstated in The Patriots won their most recent scheduled meeting on October 18,by a score of 34— It was also their first meeting since the Deflategate scandal.

Great quarterbacks of the national football league in 1983

The Colts were scrutinized for a failed trick punt play that occurred ironically on 4th and 2. Tennessee Titans[ edit ] The Steelers the all-time series 46—32 as of the end of the season. New England Patriots[ edit ] Main article: Ravens—Patriots rivalry This rivalry stems from 4 playoff matches played between the two in the early to mid s.

National Football Conference[ edit ].Prior to the inaugural National Football League draft in , players were free to sign with any club. This tended to make the stronger teams even stronger and created much disparity in the NFL.

'It was in that the sport really began to take shape, thanks almost exclusively to one person: Walter Camp. Camp was a student at Yale from to and an avid athlete, playing on Yale's football team from '77 until he left school in ' 'It was in that the sport really began to take shape, thanks almost exclusively to one person: Walter Camp.

Camp was a student at Yale from to and an avid athlete, playing on Yale's football team from '77 until he left school in ' Gridiron football, version of the sport of football so named for the vertical yard lines marking the rectangular field.

Gridiron football evolved from English rugby and soccer (association football); it differs from soccer chiefly in allowing players to touch, throw, and carry the ball with their hands, and it differs from rugby in allowing each side to control . Christmas Day and Christmas Eve games in the National Football League are an occasional part of the league's schedule.

In contrast to Thanksgiving Day games, however, they are not an annual occurrence; as of , there have been just 19 Christmas Day games in the NFL's history..

After the NFL held two Divisional Playoff games on Christmas Day , the league . Bart Starr: America's Quarterback and the Rise of the National Football League [Keith Dunnavant] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

A powerful biography of one of the greatest football players of all time, in the spirit of Namath and Johnny U No quarterback in the history of the NFL can match Bart Starr's record of achievement.

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