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The manager of the printing house will be punished in the event of a subsequent crime. All the material seized is confiscated. There must have been some rumor of a French plot against American policy because on 25 FebruaryDulles recommends Schuhl for an intelligence job to General Eugene L.

German technical writing and drawing logo

The internet sites ebay. Very often the usual silver-plated Wellner pieces made for the transatlantic passengers in the beginning of XXth century are passed off as being issued for Hitler troops.

Therefore, one of my primary goals while writing this paper and the accompanying one on Wellner marks was to give a more correct picture of this nearly forgotten company. Closing the introduction, I wish to remind readers of a few important facts regarding the year long history of the Wellner company.

Its products were world-renowned for their high quality and beautiful styles. In the company employed people [2]. Moritz, to name but a few. Alpacca alloy and silver plating The famous August Wellner metal goods factory was founded by August Wellner's father, Christian Gottlieb Wellner, in the small town of Aue Saxony, Germanyembedded in the wooded hills of the Erzgebirge which translates in English to Ore Mountains.

This part of Germany was traditionally involved in the smelting business. As early as a tin foundry was established in Aue which means "flood plain"which was in operation until Fifty years after closure the factory buildings were used as a starting point for the August Wellner metal goods factory.

However, before this happened, an important invention was made in the neighbouring city of Schneeberg "snow mountain".

Inthe German chemist Dr. Ernst August Geitner [3] developed a new alloy, very similar in its appearance to silver, but significantly cheaper. Therefore, he called this alloy "Argentan". Later, inDr. Geitner established his Argentan foundry in the Aue suburb of Auerhammer.

Ernst August Geitner, inventor of Neusilber [4]. The new silver-imitating alloy soon became very popular. As this new alloy was quite similar in appearance to genuine silver, some people got the idea of using it as a base metal for future plating with a thin silver layer.

Such silver-plating could be done by different methods but the high-voltage electrical deposition enjoyed wide application.


By doing this two goals were immediately reached: Carl August Wellner The founder of the Aue metal factory Christian Gottlieb Wellner [5] started his career very early at the age of He had six children, amongst them two brothers, the elder one, Carl Augustlater another transcription of his name, Karl August, was also used [6] and the younger one, Christian Gottlieb junior, who was born in Both became silver plate manufacturers and settled in Aue, but Carl was much more succesful.

He attended school in Aue, did an apprenticeship as a carpenter and acquired his master degree in After the death of his father he inherited a part of Argentanfabrik in Auerhammer.

In Carl August returned back home after three years of wandering a kind of pilgrimage mixed with probation and took this foundry under his management. Inhe visited the Berlin Neusilberfabrik of Henninger brothers to acquire specialised knowledge about the further processing of Argentan into sheets and finished products.Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

german technical writing and drawing logo

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