Exploring traumatic brain injury in children essay

Brain Imaging and Behavior; Apr The default mode network DMN is abnormal in a multitude of neurological and psychiatric disorders. Inclusion criteria were peacetime or wartime veterans regardless of branch of service and included those for whom the traumatic brain injury was not service related. SPECT imaging was performed on this group both at rest and during a concentration task.

Exploring traumatic brain injury in children essay

Excerpt from Research Paper: Traumatic Brain Injury in Children Traumatic brain injury TBI has been one of the primary public health problems under health concerns over several decades. Health statistics reveal that this problem has been common among the male adolescents, as well as the young adults under the age bracket of 15 to 24 years.

Similarly, this disorder is common among the elderly people of both sexes under the age of 75 and above. However, this paper is of high concern about children of ages 5 and below, or 5 to 18 years, who are at high risk of traumatic brain injuries.

TBI is among the leading causes of death and acquired disabilities among infants and children. This term TBI does not apply to degenerative or congenital brain injuries, or any induced brain injuries during birth trauma. Such impairments may relate to language, cognition, memory, reasoning, attention, judgment, abstract thinking, speech, problem solvingsensory and motor abilities, physical performance, and psycho-social behavior of a child.

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TBI can thereby change how a child acts, moves, thinks and performs in the course of learning. Motor vehicle accidents, falls, and playing with risky objects are the common contributing factors for unintentional causes while child abuse and assaults during infancy, young age, and adolescence ages are the ill-fated causes of TBI.

Today, many health institutions, understand the importance of a healthy brain and its traumatic responses. However, health research institutions still have much to do in order to understand the treatment and how to reverse the damage that results from head injuries Porr, This is because the brains of children continuously develop as opposed to those of adults.

Exploring traumatic brain injury in children essay

In the past, people had an assumption that children with brain injuries would recover quicker and better than the adults due to the "plasticity" in younger brains. This cliche is no longer functional. The most recent health researches on brain injuries reveal that brain injuries in children has more devastating effects than brain injuries of similar severity within the mature adults.

The perceptive impairment symptoms on children may take longer to appear, but may be apparent as the child grows into adult age.

Lazar and Menaldino affirmed that such delayed impacts may lead to lifetime challenges on physical performance, learning, as well as the social life. The greatest challenge facing lots of children with brain injuries involve changes in formal social behaviors, and the ability to think and learn.

Mutual deficits upon brain injury may include impaired judgment, difficulty in reasoning and processing information. In adults, these deficits may become apparent just in months after the brain injury.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) refers to a traumatic insult to the brain, capable of producing brain damage and and may lead to neurological or neurobehavioural consequences (Begali, ). Traumatic brain injury is one of the main causes of disability and death in children. Parents struggle hard to cope with their emotions of the horrible accident with their child. They suffer from difficulty of not having the time to grave for the lost of their child because the body of the child may be the same but, the child’s behavior and. Check out these peer reviewed scientific books and media from Amen Clinics about a variety of subjects from spect imaging to PTSD.

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Exploring traumatic brain injury in children essay
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