Esl essay topics for middle school

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Esl essay topics for middle school

There is also a ready-made sample lesson that teachers can use that clearly demonstrates how the author creates such lessons. Introduction The transitory nature of news creates a largely unavoidable gap in the availability of up-to-date materials that focus on current events.

This can be to the dissatisfaction of students who wish to study the latest news in their English classes. One solution to this is for teachers to create their own lessons, possible even for news that is still breaking. This article attempts to provide a rationale for lessons based on the latest news, considerations when selecting and creating such materials and a sample current events lesson with an outline of some ideas behind the activities used.

A Rationale for Lessons Based on the Latest News Student Motivation Students may be more motivated when studying with lessons based Esl essay topics for middle school the latest news and current events than when using the relatively dated materials of coursebooks.

Whether students' knowledge of the news item is sparse or in-depth, they may welcome the opportunity to use English to understand more about events unfolding around them. There may be an additional element of "prestige value" in the lessons as students feel they are learning more than just English.

The up-to-date content may heighten student expectations of and their interest in future lessons. I frequently find students were are willing to challenge themselves with news materials that are beyond their assessed levels, simply because they think the lessons are more "inspiring".

They also spend considerably longer on homework assignments. Authenticity The reading texts and listening from VOA are written by professional journalists and therefore constitute authentic news materials. This may heighten students' interest in them and create a sense of accomplishment in interacting with real news articles.

It may also avoid the potential pitfalls of teachers writing their own texts and perhaps creating contrived and unauthentic language. Communication between students discussing news items is also likely to be authentic.

Students have a natural inclination to talk about news, even in the English classroom. Discussing news creates a meaningful context for students to communicate in English and may have more communicative saliency than, for example, a typical ESL classroom activity, such as practicing asking about lost umbrellas.

There is also the real possibility of students being informed of major world news stories via their English learning materials, which will foster genuine responses and interest. Authenticity is thus present in both the medium and the message with news lessons.

Technology Today's technology puts at the teacher's disposal a wealth of Internet resources and computer software. Teachers can easily create lessons from news that is literally a few hours old.

Esl essay topics for middle school

The Internet means teachers can tailor lessons to students' needs and interests. Students could be encouraged to request the kind of news from which they wish to study.

Such timely lessons may foster a sense of appreciation from students that is rarely, if ever, experienced with coursebooks. Technology also means teachers can create lessons that complement other areas of the curriculum.

Some Points to Consider When Choosing News Items Relevance and Interest Not all students will have sufficient background knowledge of or interest in some subjects to enable them to understand the news content, which will hinder their contribution in class. There is the danger that topics of any nature may be off-putting for many students.

A balance should be found between more generic topics, that have broader appeal, and headline news, that is likely to be more relevant and of greater interest to students. Conducting a mental lesson plan while surveying headlines for potential lessons can prevent a situation in which the teacher cannot think of a fluency based activity when planning.

Appropriateness of Topic The teacher must consider the potential negative effects more emotive topics may have on students. In a multi-lingual class, the possibility of friction between students of differing nationalities, religions, races, etc. Similarly, lessons on topics such as cancer, death or taboo subjects may be interesting and provide a welcome change of topic for some students, but may be inappropriate and offensive for others.

The "Shelf Life" of the Lesson The fact that news, and thus news lessons, can quickly become obsolete perhaps needs to be considered when planning. Even a week can make a news lesson redundant. Although it may still be pedagogically sound, its authenticity and newsworthiness may disappear, perhaps along with the students' interest.

A balance should be found between the relevance of a news item and its potential to motivate students and its classroom longevity. I deemed it suitable for confident pre-intermediate students. I usually choose more high profile news items that are likely to be in the media both in English and the students' own languages and therefore of immediate relevance in a current events lesson.

However, such lessons are somewhat transitory in nature due to the short-lived nature of their being news. I selected the particular article for this essay because of the timeless nature of the topic, which will make the lesson relevant for many years to come.

Article Length VOA articles come as "short reports" and "long reports". The shorter texts, at words in length, may be too long and daunting for lower level students. The teacher may wish to spend two lessons on one article or cover half of the article in class and assign the remainder as homework.

Points to Consider When Creating the Lesson Language Recycling language from the news article in every stage of the lesson should provide sufficiently frequent exposure of the target language to facilitate learning.

The more often students encounter new language, the greater will be their likelihood of learning it.Essay Topics for Middle School The purpose of argumentative essays is to provide the audience with explanations regarding one perspective of an argument.

This type of paper is very similar to a persuasive essay, seeing as its target is to offer explanations about a particular side of a topic.

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