Cybf business plan template

Mgr, Comms — Kids Help Phone Develop and execute an integrated, multimedia external communications plan for both adult and youth audiences Provide effective communications, coaching, feedback, recognition and professional development, including implementation of the performance management process in order to create highly motivated, high performing communications employees Ensure that the communications program is optimally organized and staffed to meet its objectives Conceptualize, write and produce all Kids Help Phone organizational collateral materials including annual report, annual fundraising video, sponsor and organizational event banners, brochure ware, letterhead, business cards, etc. Public relations agency experience is highly preferred.

Cybf business plan template

Now, a Winnipeg-based firm is preparing something a bit more left-field; a massive sci-fi sandbox designed to help teach science, technology, engineering and math STEM skills. Project Whitecard Studios Inc.

Unfulfilled with the job, Shariff left the CBC in After hearing of declining math and science scores in both Canada and the US, Shariff decided to return to his hometown of Winnipeg to pursue his dream of utilizing game technology for educational purposes. NASA staff was impressed with Shariff and offered his company a contract to develop an educational game.

Set in the yearStarlite portrays an era where humanity has begun settling and industrialising the solar system. Players take on the role of astronauts, helping to build the infrastructure of these new worlds. Players travel across the solar system, building and flying spacecraft, constructing space stations and ground facilities i.

The game will have a hard sci-fi slant, emphasizing present and near-future space tech over the more exotic tech typically seen in sci-fi games.

cybf business plan template

Minerva, preview from Starlite image gallery. World of Warcraft with those of open-world 'sandbox' games i. The thread tying these elements together is the use of real-world STEM skills to solve problems. Your mission is to investigate a magnetic anomaly and you have just arrived on the scene.

Moving your character around the cargo hold of the rover, you gather your equipment and then open the large airlock door.


The generator then extends a robotic snake-like appendage which connects to a port on the tent and inflates it. The aircraft has suffered damage, and is about to crash nearby. A cutscene shows the aircraft screaming overhead and plummeting towards the ground. To locate the pilot, your character needs to triangulate his distress signal.

Your character steps inside their tent and picks up two small radios and a spool of wire. When the items are combined, a window appears displaying an equation that needs to be completed to determine the antennas length. You type in the variables distance in meters, and frequency in MHz and the process is complete.

The equation is shown in a non-intimidating way with the variables clearly labelled and makes sense in the context of the game. You then take control of an individual rover, driving it around and sweeping the sky with radio beams shown on screen as coloured waves to locate the signal.

cybf business plan template

The beams shimmer and crackle the closer you get to the target. The slow and methodical pacing favours the patient, logical player. Space enthusiasts and puzzle-inclined players will be drawn in, but whether the larger public will sign up in numbers remains a question mark.

This thought seems to have occurred to the developers since the game will be released first on the iPad. Starlite, by treading a different path, offers a more realistic view of the final frontier.

It will demand our creativity, ingenuity and inner strength to succeed…a truly game-changing idea.The event was hosted by the CYBF (Canadian Youth Business Foundation), a program originally started by the royal family in the UK and passed on to Canada as a way to help fund great ideas by young entrepreneurs.

Nelson Education > School > Business > Entrepreneurship: Creating a Venture, 2/e > Teacher Centre > Web Activities > Chapter Web Activities CHAPTER 11 VISTION TO ACTION: WRITING THE VENTURE PLAN (4 Activities) The Helicopter Company Inc., p.

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Venture Plan Templates, p. Includes: establishing the data systems to support program and financial requirements; designing forms and templates; developing and implementing a program monitoring plan and risk management plan (through periodic reviews of administrative and delivery processes); contracting for audit services to undertake recipient audits; activities related.

BSGprojects helps you plan, learn, and make your entrepreneurial idea's come to life! The Canadian Youth Business Foundation will help you every step of the way, with services such as: Online Business Resources – Use our free tools, templates.

ATHLETE TO ATHLETE Grow Your Business «Canadian Youth Business Foundation. Business Plan Outline. Below is an example of a business plan outline.

Even if you do not need to secure financing from banks or investors, a business plan is an integral part of starting and growing a business.

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