Conclusion and recommendations in english subjects

It is normally the sixth chapter but may vary depending on the structure allowed in different institutions. We assist students in writing thesis chapter six or writing the whole thesis depending on individual needs. In thesis conclusion and recommendations chapter, the researcher should be able to tie the different sections of the thesis into a complete whole.

Conclusion and recommendations in english subjects

Drafting conclusions and recommendations Whether your report includes conclusions and recommendations will depend on the type of report. Reports of the Secretary-General will almost always include both and must include a section with conclusions drawn from the body of the report.

Conclusion and recommendations in english subjects

Normally reports prepared for the legislative bodies should include recommendations on action to be taken by the Member States. Reports of the legislative bodies on their meetings should present the conclusions and recommendations reached by the Member States at the session.

A report of a mission you have taken should present your conclusions and recommendations in a separate section at the end of the report. Many people find drafting conclusions and recommendations difficult.

It helps to keep them separate in your mind. In essence, your conclusions should be a logical extension of the information contained in the report and your recommendations should be a logical extension of the conclusions. The conclusions in your report will be the main "discoveries" that appear naturally from the text.

For example, if your report analyses trends in abuse of narcotic drugs in the various regions of the world and research shows that in each region there has been an increase in young people between the ages of 16 and 25 being arrested for drug possession or use, it is safe for your report to conclude that abuse of narcotic drugs among that age group is on the rise worldwide.

If, however, evidence shows that the number of young people seeking treatment in drug rehabilitation centres is rising, you might in fact conclude that more people are getting help and that drug abuse is therefore decreasing among young people.

Your recommendations, on the other hand, seek to propose specific solutions.

Conclusion and recommendations in english subjects

If you have concluded that drug abuse among young people is a growing problem, then you should recommend steps to address the problem. It is not enough to recommend simply that action be taken; try to be more specific. Your recommendations could range from a high-profile media campaign focused to reach young people with information spots airing on MTV rather than BBC World, for example to a project to gather more detailed information.

The following example is an extract from Afghanistan: Either Afghanistan destroys opium or opium will destroy Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai has warned.

As this survey shows, we are coming dangerously close to the second option. This year, opium cultivation rose tohectares, a 59 per cent increase over An unprecedented 6, tons of opium has been harvested, making Afghanistan virtually the sole supplier to the world.

In other provinces, like Bahakhshan in the north-east, opium crop increases are the fault of greedy officials and arrogant warlords. Around the country, the number of people involved in opium cultivation increased to almost a third to 2. In this case, the report concludes that urgent measures are needed in three areas: Exercise 33 consists of a simple text:RECOMMENDATIONS Recommendations should be: Logical – should flow logically from the conclusions Relevant – must meet the purpose and the scope as stated in the Introduction section Feasible – must be practical and workable.

When to use conclusion and conclusions in a scientific article or report? up vote 5 down vote favorite. 4. I am writing a scientific report in English. For the final part, should I use conclusion or conclusions? I am a bit confused because in my .

Summary of Conclusions and Recommendations The Expert Group Meeting on Sustainable Urban Transport: Modernizing and ‘Greening’ Taxi Fleets in Latin American Cities was co-organized by the Transport Engineering Programme (TEP) of the COPPE Institute of the Federal University of Rio. Meaning of “conclusion” in the English Dictionary.

English. English; American; These examples of conclusion are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Significant findings and recommendations are those matters that, if not corrected, could affect the results of the auditors' work and users' conclusions about.

- Writing an Effective Conclusions. STUDY. PLAY. 1) Restate main idea from thesis statement 2) Summarize main points 3) Leave a final impression 4) Conclusion should sound similar to intro, but not the same words 5) No new info.

5 tips for writing a good conclusion. Informative writing. This volume contains all conclusions and recommendations adopted by the Committee Against Torture at its 11th to 22nd sessions () on reports from 58 States parties in total.

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