Argumentative essay on study in abroad

In order to acquire more knowledge, more and more people decide to further their study abroad. Studying abroad brings about many advantages. It widens students' knowledge and horizons, and meanwhile cultivates their independence and personalities. Firstly, students can learn advanced knowledge and experience abroad.

Argumentative essay on study in abroad

Argumentative Essay - Studying Abroad A-broad Study Cultural diversity is one of the most important things in education. However, cultural diversity is not fully provided in any country on earth. To get absorbed into different cultures, students need to see a lot of people from different cultures as much as possible.

At this point, here comes to mind studying abroad. It is crucial for students t study in other countries even in overseas.

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First of all, as said above, cultural diversity is important for students to open up their mind and widen their view of life. Students who are grown up in different cultures are more open minded at the point of empathy and comprehension.

It is a proven fact. Also, cultural diversity can be provided into a class or a school. However, seeing other cultures in their own habitat will absolutely more improve students than a superficial one.

That is to say, going abroad and studying there is better and more convenient for all. The second point is learning language. Everyone can learn language from book, videos, movies, and schools; however, learning with its native speakers will absolutely more beneficial for several aspects.

One of them is the slang. Only native speakers of a language can fully know and use the slang. That is why, studying abroad improve language in terms of slang.

The other, and last, is the fluency. With the native speaker who speak speak the most fluent language, students will improve in terms of fluency to a great extend. Opposing, some say that learning language while studying abroad is not very good due to the slang.

They defend that the slang includes so much explicit content. However, language is a living thing and when it is not used much it makes itself forgotten. Slang is a part of the language and cannot be ignored. It must be learnt anyway. However, the usage of it is up to users.

You do not have to use it. It is important to learn language with its all good and bad sides. As the consequence, learning abroad can be said to be beneficial especially for students.

Overall-waged peoples being not able to afford is also another fact. At this point, colleges are providing programs like exchange, Erasmus.

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These are some of the options that can be taken advantages of. Travel around and learn about the world! It is a must.You have to choose the country you want to study in, compare and contrast programs (hint: MyGoAbroad), collect your transcripts and references and, inevitably, you will have to write a personal statement and study abroad essay for your application.

4 4. Now, figure out what the prompt is asking you. Here is the MICA Study Abroad Statement of Purpose essay prompt: Please write a one-page (double-spaced) statement of purpose and. The Study Abroad Application While not every school will use the same study abroad application, I am willing to bet that most applications will have pretty similar components.

First, in a nice intro paragraph, explain your reasons for studying abroad. Writing Tips for Your Study Abroad Application Essay. Studying abroad Studying abroad can make person more social, this is in my opinion. argumentative. Home; An Introduction to the Essay on the Topic of Studying Abroad PAGES 1.

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Argumentative essay on study in abroad

Exactly what I needed. Today, thousands of students are trying to study overseas. They claim that studying abroad is totally beneficial without drawbacks. However, it brings both advantages and disadvantages to students.

Argumentative essay on study in abroad

Mariah writes an argument essay in support of instituting study abroad programs in high schools across the country. Which reason should she include to support her claim?

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