An introduction to the essay on the topic of growing up in appalachia

Coal and oil, for example, are consumed with incredible speed. But coal mines become exhausted.

An introduction to the essay on the topic of growing up in appalachia

As I grew up I realized that most of the things they went through and had a hard time with, I was dealing with the same problems. So what exactly is Appalachia?

An introduction to the essay on the topic of growing up in appalachia

Well you will find out as you read on. Appalachia is no longer the land of severe poverty that it was three decades ago, now the poverty rate of one in 15 is close to the national average. The number of adults who have received a high school diploma has also jumped from one out of three to two out of three; and the infant death rate has been cut in half.

Comparing the counties in the Appalachian Regional Commission with counties outside the region that were similar to Appalachian counties in the s, researchers found that Appalachian counties grew significantly faster than their counterparts. Specifically, overall income in Appalachia grew 48 percent faster; per capita income grew 17 percent faster; and population grew five percent faster.

The Appalachian mountaineers have been discovered and forgotten many times. Their primitive agriculture disrupted by foragers and incessant guerrilla warfare, thousands of them straggled out of the mountains in search of food and shelter. Their plight was brought to the attention of President Lincoln, who promised that after the war a way would be found to aid the poor mountain people whom the world had bypassed and forgotten for so long.

The war ended, President Lincoln was assassinated, and so therefore Appalachia was forgotten. Appalachian people are considered a separate culture, made up of many unique backgrounds - Native Americans, Irish, English and Scotch, and then a third immigration of Germans and Poles - all blended together across the region.

The mountains also figure into the uniqueness of Appalachia. The Appalachian value system that influences attitudes and behavior is different from the norm, and similar to the value system of an earlier America.

Some of our more important values are religion; family solidarity; individualism, self reliance and pride; love of place; modesty and being oneself; sense of beauty; sense of humor; neighborliness; and patriotism.

Many sold their land and mineral rights for pennies an acre to outlanders.

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Appalachians became laborers rather than entrepreneurs. Coal became a major industry which was extremely sensitive to outside fluctuations in the economy, leading to boom and bust cycles. The industry was controlled by interests outside the region, so that little of the profit remained or was reinvested.

Appalachia is often portrayed as an arrested frontier, a geographically isolated subculture, and reservoir of culturally homogenous. Appalachians are pictured as proud, fiercely independent, and god-fearing southerners. But in all reality they are portrayed as fighting and feuding, barefooted and backward, ignorant degenerates, downtrodden by centuries of isolation, inbreeding, and poverty.

So how was Appalachia discovered? The coal miners, for instance, were fertile recruiting ground for the early union organizers. For the most part, the people of Appalachia have suffered and acknowledged all this with quiet bemusement.Appalachia Culture This Essay Appalachia Culture and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Page 1 of 7.

Many people have different views on what Appalachia is, I grew up thinking that Appalachia meant people were dirty, poor, illiterate, inbreed and we also called 4/4(1).

Growing up in Appalachia has made me a minority (different from the rest of society), and also plagued me with many stereotypes. Everyone in society has heard the stereotypes. However, I would like to focus on the how's and. More Essay Examples on. Appalachian Poverty. Poverty is a planetary job, and it has existed from the beginning.

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