A look at guilt responsibility and coincidence in the novel the assault by harry mulisch

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A look at guilt responsibility and coincidence in the novel the assault by harry mulisch

Indian Killer by Sherman Alexie "Dr. Mather, if the Ghost Dance worked, there would be no exceptions. All you white people would disappear. If those dead Indians came back to life, they wouldn't crawl into a sweathouse with you.

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They wouldn't smoke the pipe with you. They wouldn't go to the movies and munch popcorn with you. They'd gut you and eat your heart out. John Smith, born to a year-old Indian girl and given up for adoption to a white upper-middle-class couple, grows up without any real knowledge of his tribal heritage.

As apparent schizophrenia develops for John, its tentacles of delusion, hallucination, and paranoia intertwine themselves with his reasonably-evolving roots of rage and isolation.

John moves to Seattle and begins working construction. He also seeks belonging and safety in a world that is simply incomprehensible to him. His rage is murderous and, as he works to find his way in this city, a rash of violence emerges: The violence escalates; Native American homeless people are particularly targeted for horrific battering.

This novel, surely not Alexie's best, is peopled with angry Native American students, angry white guys, a sad white Wannabe novelist who claims expertise in all things Indian, and some very sympathetic people who are just trying to get along. Its violence is real and I know that, years after the novel's publication, Alexie himself questioned his own writing and the commanding, unflinching presence of the violence.

Here, inas we watch the national dialogue deteriorate inexorably into deep incivility, and as we witness ascendent, apparently incurable racist divisions and the spread of violence as a "solution," Alexie's novel is timely and astute.

He may retroactively feel sheepish about his rage. But this is exactly the rage we are seeing in our society today.

A look at guilt responsibility and coincidence in the novel the assault by harry mulisch

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Barcelona - Spain. Our Shelves: WINTER JEWISH BOOKS: Home Our BLOG!!!! BOOKS BY Season Fall Summer Spring () and Harry Mulisch’s The Procedure (), both about Golem in sixteenth-century Prague, will feel at home here, but Richard Zimler’s The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon (), about the massacre of Portuguese Jews .

various victims: the circle widens Harry Mulisch’s The Assault. has to do with the longstanding discord among Dutch victims of the occupation. It is easier to understand when one keeps in mind the 20th-century tradition in the Netherlands of “pillarization”. The Assault Harry Mulisch.

Guilt, responsibility and coincidence in Mulisch's novel, The Assault: In this essay, I shall explore the issues of guilt, responsibility and coincidence which appear in Harry Mulisch's novel, The Assault. Mulisch's works are quite autobiographical and historical, as there is a great relationship between his life and.

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Ramsay is a man twice born, a man who has returned from the hell of the battle-grave at Passchendaele in World War I decorated with the Victoria Cross and destined to be caught in a no man's land where memory. And this, at least partly, is what Harry Mulisch’s acclaimed Dutch novel is about.

The Assault spans decades in the life of Anton Steenwijk. It opens in , a time when ‘almost all of Europe had been liberated and were once more rejoicing’; but this is Holland, and the .

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